TransJakarta aspires all-electric bus fleet by 2030

18 December 2023

The TransJakarta public transportation system witnesses an average daily ridership of 1.1 million passengers, and this figure is anticipated to rise following the introduction of electric buses.

In an effort to enhance commuter facilities, the company is currently undergoing renovations for 45 bus stations situated throughout the capital city. This initiative, with a total cost of Rp 600 billion ($38.7 million), aims to accommodate a larger number of passengers comfortably.

Looking ahead, TransJakarta has set ambitious goals for the transformation of its fleet. The company plans to replace 50 percent of its entire bus fleet with electric buses by 2027, paving the way for a complete transition to electric-powered vehicles by 2030. The long-term vision involves operating a fleet of 10,000 electric buses, marking a significant stride towards sustainable and eco-friendly urban transportation.