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  • Location: Room 2 (at the right hand side of hall D)
  • Language: English - Bahasa (simultaneous translation)
DAY 1: OCTOBER 5, 2022

How to restore ridership post-pandemic?


Status of the Southeast Asian bus & coach market

11:00 - 11:15: Trends of the bus & coach market in Southeast Asia & Indonesia

  • Thurisina, Senior Consultant, Mobility, Frost & Sullivan


11:30 - 12:30: Debate between different bus & coach manufacturers

  • Stefan Arman, Technical Director, CV Laksana
  • Sommy Lumadjeng, Sales and Marketing Director, New Armada
  • Yohan Wahyudi, Director, Tentrem Karoseri
  • David Jethrokusumo, Director, PT. Adiputro Wirasejati
  • Agus Taufik Mulyono, Chairman, Indonesia Transport Society (MTI)


Moderator: Jan Deman, Knowledge Director, Busworld

Organised by Frost & Sullivan*

Public transport improvement: Why bus is better

13:30 - 13:40: Opening


13:40 - 13:50: Buses in Indonesian Cities: Why it is more suitable

  • Suharto, Director of Road Transport, Ministry of Transportation, Republic of Indonesia


13:50 - 14:05: BTS Evalutation in Indonesia

  • Budi Yulianto, Stakeholder Engagement Expert, ITDP Indonesia


14:05 - 14:20: Case Studies: Bus Reform in Semarang

  • Hendrix Setiawan, Head of Trans Semarang


14:20 - 14:50: Panel Discussion


14:50 - 15:00: Closing

Organised by ITDP

Health protocols in buses

  • Keynote by Busworld Foundation
    • Jan Deman, Managing Director, Busworld Foundation
  • Presentation of Air Ventilation & Air Purification systems which are applicable in buses
    • Drs. Hendro Sugiatno, M.M, Director General of Land Transportation, Ministry of Transportation, Republic of Indonesia
  • Debate
    • Executive Director, ASRTU
    • Sommy Lumadjeng, Chairman, ASKARINDO
    • Kurnia Lesani Adnan, Chairman, IPOMI


Moderator: INSTRAN (Transportation Study Institute)

Organised by ITDP
DAY 2 - OCTOBER 6, 2022

Implementation of zero emission buses in Southeast Asia


Implementation of electric buses in cities

Introduction of all members on this session, followed by a debate:

  • Bima Arya Sugiarto, Mayor of Bogor
  • Private bus / coach company
  • Mochammad Yana Aditya, Director, PT. Transjakarta
  • Gibran Rakabuming Raka, Mayor of Surakarta


Partner & Moderator: ITDP (Institute for Transportation and Development)

Organised by ITDP

Why should bus electrification be the priority?

11:30 - 11:40: Opening


11:40 - 11:50: National Agenda for Electrification

  • Firdausi Manti, Coordinating Ministry of Maritime and Investment Affairs, Republic of Indonesia


11:50 - 12:05: Transjakarta Electrification Program

  • Yoga Adiwinarto, Director of Operations and Safety, PT. Transjakarta


12:05 - 12:20: Barriers and Opportunities for Electrification in Indonesia

  • Gilarsi Wahyu Setijono, CEO, VKTR


12:20 - 12:55: Q&A & discussion


12:55 - 13:00: Closing


Financing strategies for procurement of zero emission buses

Introduction of all members on this session, followed by a debate:

  • Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources, Republic of Indonesia
  • Secretary of the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways, India
  • Perry Warjiyo, Governor, Bank of Indonesia
  • Eka Lovyan, COO, PT. Indotruck Utama
  • Mahendra Siregar, Chairman, Indonesia Financial Services Authority (OJK)
  • Faela Sufa, Director, ITDP Southeast Asia
  • Solutions +


Moderator: MTI (Indonesia Transportation Society)

Organised by MTI (Indonesia Transportation Society)
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*Frost & Sullivan

As a knowledge partner at all Busworld events, Frost & Sullivan hopes to join hands with major stakeholders to promote a vision of safe, smart and sustainable transport.

They are also pleased to be able to offer all Busworld members a 10 to 15% discount on their studies.

To know more about Frost & Sullivan's Mobility Research, please feel free to contact: sathyanarayanak@frost.com

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