Laksana new coach photo

Laksana launches new products in 2022

21 April 2022

The Laksana Carosserie has launched one new bus model and two refurbished bus models in 2022. Laksana based in Ungaran, Semarang continues the Combi Bus model series for large buses, Tuesday (19/4/22) at their production facility in Semarang.

“In line with 45-year journey of Laksana in Indonesia, we launched three bus variants from the development of the previous variant along with a new line which indicates that we are ready to go further forward. We believe that even the smallest innovation can have a good impact on the transportation and tourism industry for the rise of the Indonesian economy," said Technical Director of CV. Laksana, Stefan Arman.

Last year, they won design competition of PT. Daimler Commercial Vehicles Indonesia with a model named Suites Combi.

The design won because it was chosen by the most netizens. At that time, they designed the Combi Suites used a Mercedes-Benz OF-917 chassis . Now Laksana comes with a large bus version with a slightly different interior layout from the medium bus version.

"One of our goals is to create a vehicle that can provide an unforgettable experience for consumers with modern, futuristic and comfortable innovations," said Stefan explaining the Laksana design philosophy.

Signing of cooperation

Built on a Mercedes-Benz OH-1626 chassis, the bus named Suites Combi Family Series, has a capacity of 32 passengers. The bus is belonging to PO. Sinar Jaya, there are 14 passengers with regular seats at the front. While in the back there are 15 passengers can sit semi-recumbent.

The semi-reclining seating configuration is not the same as the one that has been made by Karoseri Laksana for the Suites Class. In the Suites Combi Family model, there are two semi-reclining seating configurations. Three rows of one seat and two tiers on the left side (10 seats). While three rows of two seats and two levels on the right side (five seats). Just like the Class Suites, the Combi Family Suites are also equipped with individual entertainment facilities in each seat.

Director of PT. Sinar Jaya Megah Langgeng, Teddy K. Rusly said, "This Combi Family Suites is their second collaboration with Karoseri Laksana. Previously there was the Legacy SR2 HD Prime Transporter bus which had a wider luggage capacity so that it could fit a motorcycle. Besides that, P.O. Sinar Jaya is also the first to use Suites Class, a bus with all semi-reclining seats. "I see Laksana's products are getting more and more innovations," said Teddy.

There is still another difference between the Class Suites and the Combi Family Suites, namely the body base. Suites Class uses the Laksana Legacy SR2 Prime body with double glazing while the Combi Family Suites are based on the Legacy SR2 which has been updated and changed its name to Legacy SR2 Panorama. Since the double glazed of Legacy SR2 HD Prime, the Laksana Body has implemented ECE safety and security standards, there are provisions numbered R66 for frame strength, R88 for seat foot strength and R107 for stability.

What has changed from the Legacy SR2 Panorama? "The front of cowl , front roof and side (accent)," said Laksana Body Designer, Kus Ririn.

The front face of the Legacy SR2 Panorama looks slimmer. Ririn's informed that the cowl adds more defined face line to the Legacy SR2. In the bumper, the fog lamps on the Legacy SR2 HD and SHD Prime are also changed become two-line LED lights. The slender front roof also erodes the bloated impression like a Louhan fish.

As for the side, the change in the accent on the glass just above the house also gives a slim impression. Unlike the Legacy SR2 which cuts the side glass, the artificial appearance of the Laksana on the Legacy SR2 Panorama emphasizes the concept of 'floating roof'. The impression of the roof floating and disguised 'off' from the side body is more clearly visible.

Laksana coach

What about Tourista? Still following his older brother Legacy SR2 Panorama. There are only changes in the front and front cowl. When exhibited, the Tourista 2022 only contains eight regular seats and a sofa for two passengers. The bus, which is built on the Hino GB 150 chassis with automatic transmission, is also equipped with a toilet.

Besides to introducing three new models in 2022, Karoseri Laksana also revealed that they are starting to explore special vehicles. There are Maha Adventure and Maha Family for Caravan or Motorhome. In this Maha series, Laksana collaborates with Baze, a modification house that specializes in working on the caravan/motorhome segment.

Laksana said, Maha's products have high safety but use lightweight and anti-rust materials. Laksana also uses a strong monocoque fiberglass cabin body design concept so that it has a light weight but has toughness against the Indonesian weather.

During its 45-year journey, in the last 10 years, at least 10 thousand vehicles have been built at Laksana. Laksana Body Products are not only used domestically, but also to the Republic of Fiji, Bangladesh and Timor Leste.