Karsan INdonesia

Karsan starts strategic cooperation in Indonesia

29 November 2022

Karsan continues its global expansion. Karsan together with the Credo Group company Schacmindo from Indonesia, signed a memorandum of understanding to evaluate the production options of type (semi-assembled) type. If a final agreement is reached by the parties, it is aimed that this cooperation will play a role in the electric transformation of public transportation vehicles in important cities in Indonesia, especially in Jakarta.

Both companies signed the agreement to transform, produce and sell right-hand drive electric minibuses and electric buses in Indonesia, during the Business20 summit held recent on the Indonesian island of Bali. Karsan CEO Okan Baş said, “We started this joint project to realize the majority of the electric public transportation transformation of the city of Jakarta, with tens of thousands of vehicles and billion dollars, which is aimed to be realized by 2030, in line with this cooperation. We expect this same potential from other Indonesian cities besides Jakarta.” He explained the joint venture starts a 2-stage plan that contribute to Karsan's

exports and the business volume between the two countries. Okan Bas: “First of all, it is planned to sell the first vehicles with the completed vehicles produced in Turkey, and later on, by establishing an SKD type (Semi Knocked-Down) production facility in Indonesia. We aim to complete the right-hand drive vehicles in Indonesia and to gain an advantage in sales to neighbouring countries. With the implementation of the cooperation in Indonesia, we aim to introduce our Karsan branded electric vehicles to many different markets from Malaysia to the Philippines, from Vietnam to Singapore.”