Esmak Makine, a Turkish company active in the Southeast Asian region

28 July 2022

Esmak Makine is a Turkish manufacturer and supplier of components for the commercial vehicle manufacturing industry, founded in 2002. They also exhibited in the first edition of Busworld Southeast Asia in 2019.

Welcome back!

Southeast Asia is a vital export region for the company, next to other regions such as Central Asia, Europe, the Middle East and Gulf countries.

In the Southeast Asian region, Indonesia is the most important country for their business at the moment. But countries like Vietnam, Thailand, the Philippines and Malaysia are well within their scope too.

Esmak doors

What products will they show?

  • pneumatic doors,
  • floor coverings,
  • vehicle-mounted superstructures, 
  • FRP products for the automotive sector,
  • gas springs,
  • lighting products
  • and other various bus components.

As a reaction to Busworld's question about the post-pandemic situation they replied:

"Our sales seriously decreased in the Southeast Asia region due to the pandemic. But in 2022 we have seen an increase compared to last year, so we are very optimistic about the economic recovery. We are aware that bus manufacturers suffered the most and we will be having special promotions for our customers, so we can all refuel our business."

They welcome all bus and superstructure manufacturers, as well as auto part suppliers and importers in their stand to explain about the diversity, quality and after-sales support services of their company and brands in the Southeast Asia region.