Adi Putro brings the only monocoque bus of Indonesia to Busworld

23 June 2022

Adi Putro started off in 1973 as a small workshop for minibuses and managed to grow into the company that it is today with a monthly production of 150 to 200 vehicles.

They build on chassis of Mercedes, Volvo, Scania, Hino and Isuzu. And they also produce a monocoque transit bus. At the moment, they are working on a deal in Ecuador, so yes, their export ambitions are clear too.

They are looking positively to the future, after the pandemic, and are getting ready to grow further, export and electrify.

Let's take a quick look at the vehicles they are bringing to the show in October. Curious? Come and visit their booth in the Busworld show!

jetbus transit

Jetbus Transit

In general, buses use a chassis in the form of a space frame or ladder frame. The advantage of buses that use a single frame (monocoque) is that the weight of the bus becomes lighter and consuming less fuel.

The bus is available with a diesel and gas driveline, while a first electric prototype is being developed. They are ready for the country's ambitious bus electrification plans. 

Jetbus SHD

Jetbus Ultra High Decker

A 13,5m coach (48-59 seats) with a very luxurious interior and maximum cargo capaity.

Jetbus super doucble decker

Jetbus - Super Double Decker

This vehicle has 71-75 seats, is 13,5 m and has a luxurious finishing. It is built on a Scania chassis.