Mystery bus

Laksana launches a brand new tourist coach at Busworld in October

Are you as curious as we are?

29 June 2022

Laksana has high expectations of the second edition of Busworld in Indonesia. And yes, they know more or less which vehicles they will put on show. What's for them to know is for us to find out. So we did a little digging. Deep enough to make everyone more curious...

Like all bus and coach manufacturers, the pandemic had a very negative effect on the sales and activities of the company. But Stefan Arman, Technical Director of Laksana Bus, confirmed that the company feels that the market is restoring itself. And that is exactly why the beginning of October will be the ideal moment to launch their new Laksana tourism coach. Not just a small update of an existing vehicle, but a brand new design and concept. Since the new coach is still TOP SECRET, we cannot share any pictures here. If you want to be one of the first persons to see the new vehicle, you will have to visit Laksana at Busworld Southeast Asia.

Will the ELECTRIC BUS be ready on time? If yes, then the electric bus will also be in the Laksana booth. With the ambitious plans of the Indonesian government, the potential for electric buses is very big. So like the other vehicle manufcatures, Laksana is getting ready to have their part of the market. The electric Laksana bus is currently being developed and should be ready to be in the spotlights in October. Fingers crossed.


In total Laksana will bring three vehicles to the show. A third vehicle will be an intercity coach. Whether it will be the Nucleus or another vehicle is not sure yet. But as you can see, visiting Laksana at Busworld will surely be very interesting.

So block your agenda from 5 to 7 October and unveil the Laksana buses together with other visitors and exhibitors.