Karsan goes Japan

02 November 2022

Turkish bus manufacturer Karsan has landed in Japan for the first time. It was not only the first Karsan in Japan, but also the first Turkish-made bus. On October 20th, the mini electric bus e-Jest was introduced in Tokyo.

Altec, a trading company that plans to import and sell the left-hand drive vehicle of the European specification, says that it will show this sample vehicle to bus operators in Japan to understand their needs.

Karsan is also accelerating the development of right-hand drive specifications for the Japanese market, and plans to enter the Japanese market early 2023.

The 7m BYD J6 is the only small electric bus sold in Japan. The 5.8m long e-Jest has the potential to expand sales channels not only for buses, but also for larger taxis and collect and delivery applications. The only question is: will it be able to compete in price against the current BYD J6, which costs about 23 million yen?

Source: Busrama (translated from Japanese)