Busworld in the media

Title Date
DevirSaati, Turkey (Eng.): TransJakarta, the oldest BRT system in Southeast Asia is participating to Busworld Mar 1st, 2019
Revista Autobus, Brazil (Portugese): Indonésia sediará a Busworld South East Asia Feb 28th, 2019
Australasian Bus & Coach, Australie (Eng.): inaugural Indonesian Busworld show draws near Feb 11th, 2019
Motorindia, India (Eng.): Busworld South East Asia to include exciting Busworld Academy Congress programme with high-level speakers Feb 7th, 2019
Commercial Vehicle, India (Eng.): Busworld South East Asia 2019 Feb 6th, 2019
Autobus, Italy (It.): Il Busworld approda in Indonesia. Tra due mesi il primo Busworld South East Asia Jan 30th, 2019
Sustainable Bus, International (Eng.): 2019, a year full of Busworld premieres Jan 30th, 2019
Chinabuses.org, China (Eng.): Busworld Academy Congress Presents Strong Programme with high level speakers at Busworld South East Asia Jan 30th, 2019
Motown India, India (Eng.): BUSWORLD SOUTH EAST ASIA OPENS IN JAKARTA IN MARCH, 2019 Jan 30th, 2019
Asian Buses, Malaysia (Eng.): Volvo Buses are coming back to Indonesia Jan 15th, 2019
Sustainable Bus, International (Eng.): Busworld South East Asia 2019 Dec 19th, 2018
Truck & Bus, Malaysia (Eng): Busworld Organises New Exhibition in Jakarta Sep 7th, 2018
Australasian Bus and Coach, Australia (Eng.): Busworld launches South-East Asian event in Indonesia , 2019 Aug 28th, 2018
Made in West-Vlaanderen, Belgium (Nl.): Busworld plant drie nieuwe vlaggen op de wereldkaart Aug 14th, 2018
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